NHS Alliance Event

by Garreth

NHSAllianceThe seminar titled, “The changing role of the general practitioner, primary care, and the development of Clinical Commissioning Groups“, will provide an opportunity to assess the progress of Clinical Commissioning Groups following the authorisation in April of the new bodies established by the Health and Social Care Act.

18th June 2013
8:30 am – 1:00 pm

Part of the seminar will focus on the role of the GP in the reformed NHS, and the key issues surrounding the future of primary care. Further sessions will address the challenges and opportunities CCGs face in implementing their new duties, as well as how they are working together with bodies such as Health and Wellbeing Boards, Healthwatch and the NHS Commissioning Board to integrate care.

Speakers include:
Dr James Kingsland OBE, National Clinical Lead, NHS Integrated Clinical Commissioning Community;
Professor David Colin-Thomé, Chairman, Primary Care Commissioning;
Dr Michael Dixon, Chair, NHS Alliance and Interim President, NHS Clinical Commissioners;
Dr Laurence Buckman, Chair, General Practitioners Committee, BMA (British Medical Association).

See the Westminster Health Forum for more details and to book places.

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