New App for Pain and Planning

by Garreth

Congratulations to FibroMapp which has now been approved by the NHS as a healthcare app that they are happy to back. FibroMapp is in fact the ONLY pain management/tracker app that has been approved so far. Currently it is only available on Android.

FMA UK has been working with the developers, who have personal experience of fibromyalgia, to provide this means of recording symptoms, medication and other factors so that these can be analysed by the patient and passed onto the medical professionals treating them. The app also provides reminders on when to take medication, which is so useful when on multiple prescriptions. It can work for other conditions although specifically developed for fibromyalgia.

FMAUK FibroMapp is available to purchase at £3.99 by following this link, with 50% of proceeds being donated to FMA UK.

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