Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance
   National MSK Advice and Triage Service launched 

A formal launch will take place in the new year, the service during this pilot phase is for Lanarkshire residents with Lothian coming on Board in the new year. We envisage this will run in this phase until May 2012. NHS inform will be reviewing progress daily and at weekly wash up meetings identifying any arising issues and acting on them. It will be an evolving process and the team are most grateful to the clinical staff in Lanarkshire who have made significant efforts to get the programme where it is and will continue to do so for the next few months.

NHS inform also want to alert you to the website that has been developed to support self management. This is now in the public domain and there for the use of all, visit the website here. It contains key information about a range of MSK conditions that has been developed through an expert group. It also has been through ‘plain english’ to ensure its readability factor, It contains high quality, evidence based, consistent information about:

  • what medication you should be taking
  • whether to rest or keep moving
  • information about work and sports
  • using heat or cold remedies
  • when to se your GP
  • it also includes links to:
  • videophysio, a range of patient stories
  • a range of physiotools exercises
  • back in control

You can print off a one pager, as well as a two sided A4 format which can be used now by the public, patients and clinicians. We will be fully evaluating its uptake and user views about its usefulness and ease of navigation. It may well help all service providers and NHS inform suggest that all MSK patients should be directed to these resources in the first instance. The site will be developed over time. If you have any suggestions for inclusion or improvement, please do contact


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