Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance

loughborough-bannerBased at the new National Centre of Sports and Exercise Medicine
with BIMM Teaching Faculty

Programme leader: Dr Patrick Wheeler

This course deals with the clinical assessment and management of musculoskeletal disorders.

The MSc programme is open for application from members of the following regulated healthcare professions with a minimum 2 years’ experience post-qualification, and proof of valid standing with the approved regulator.

Programme Aims:

  1. To educate and train medically qualified doctors and allied health professionals with a qualification relevant to the musculoskeletal field in the theory and practice of musculoskeletal medicine to a standard sufficient to practice in a MSK service at an intermediate care level.
  2. To produce MSK practitioners who are able to manage patients with musculoskeletal disorders at a primary and intermediate care level under the guidance and/or supervision of a specialist in a related field.
  3. To enable medical specialists in a related field (e.g. Sports and Exercise medicine, Pain medicine, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation) to broaden their understanding and develop their clinical skills to a level where they are fully competent to manage such patients at an autonomous level

Historically, the course has been aimed at medical doctors at various stages of their professional career; now it is open to a range of other health care professionals. However, please note that certain areas of the course, such as the taught injection skills, may be less relevant to some professionals, and may carry with them additional professional training before these can be performed as a part of a clinical role for certain professions.

Prospective students are required to make enquiries with their employers and other respective bodies before carrying out any procedures taught on this course, and will need to ensure that they have appropriate indemnity cover in place for any work that they undertake.

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