ARMA Scotland Chair Steve McBride (Policy Adviser for Arthritis Care) has taken part in a meeting with the Scottish Government Health and Social Care directorate to look at improvements in rheumatology services. The meeting was arranged by the Scottish Society of Rheumatologists in the light of the needs assessment report on RA produced by the Scottish Public Health Network.


Steve writes: “It is now nearly two years since the Scots PHN report came out. It has been well received but there has been little in the way of coordinated government response. The August 26 meeting at St Andrews House certainly put the issue firmly on the table, and it was particularly satisfying that the professional and patient groups present were all saying very much the same things, stressing the importance of early intervention, the need for flexible and timely access to a multi-disciplinary team, the need to reduce work disability due to RA, and the need to reduce variation in care and promote best practice.


But times being as they are money is in short supply and progress will have to be on a step by step basis. The next step will be a meeting of the SSR which will seek to agree some specific proposals to put to the Directorate.”

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