Arthritis Care Scotland

Two new projects, funded by Glasgow North Branch, were given the green light to go ahead this week.

Joint Working will be delivered in partnership with the occupational therapists in NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, and provide support to people diagnosed with RA who are struggling to maintain employment, linking in with employers and other relevant agencies to raise awareness and find solutions to the challenges faced by people with RA to remain part of the workforce. 

Joint Activity will be based in communities, and will focus on introducing new activities and complementary therapies to our existing network of branches, and through developing new groups where needed. The project aims to encourage people with arthritis to have better physical and mental health and wellbeing, through participating in exercise, new therapies and self management workshops in a supported and fun way. 

In addition, a full programme of Joint Potential residential weekends for young people has been planned with the Volunteer Youth Contacts for 2013, and in addition to the 16-25 group, next year we will be running an Activities Weekend for those of a younger age. As in previous years, Aberdeen Branch has generously agreed to fund the programme for 2013

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