Joint Delivery? and the case for a musculoskeletal Strategic Clinical Network

As A4T goes to press, ARMA is on the point of putting a proposal to the Department of Health for the creation of a musculoskeletal Strategic Clinical Network. This is a natural follow-on from the launch of our report – Joint Delivery? – at the House of Commons on 23rd April. This report provides the most up to date assessment of musculoskeletal conditions in the NHS and builds on ARMA’s previous audit of NHS services, published in 2009. It also demonstrates huge variation in the extent to which PCTs are implementing the recommendations of the Musculoskeletal Services Framework and points to the lack of any national strategic leadership in the musculoskeletal field.

In our proposal, we document the enormous and growing burden of disease caused by MSK disorders and argue that the NHS will be in a much better position to rise to the challenge and deliver more for less without sacrificing quality, if a musculoskeletal SCN is created. We will see what happens, but readers can rest assured that, whatever the outcome, ARMA will continue to lead the fight by all professional and patient organisations to raise musculoskeletal issues up the healthcare agenda.

If you would like a copy of the report please email or phone 0207 842 0910


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