Vasculitis-UK-squareOne of the issues raised by Vasculitis patients is the lack of information provided when they are told of their condition. With little information or further lack of explanation it is little wonder that patients and their families often become very anxious and distraught. Many people search the internet for an explanation of the condition and often find themselves reading articles that leave them more distressed than when they started their search, especially when the information has been written by non-professionals and the information is years out of date.

Knowing this was a common experience for patients and their families, when Vasculitis UK decided to redesign its website we worked with experts in Vasculitis to provide clear readable explanations of over 15 different Vasculitis conditions.

The latest website statistics indicate we took the right approach: 18,710 visits during July.

Over 50 % of the visitors for July were under the age of 35. It also demonstrated a continuing trend that, while the vast majority of those “hits” came from the UK with just over 12,000 visits, we have a significant interest from overseas including Australia, US, Canada as well as the Philippines, Ireland, France, South Africa and Germany.

The team at Vasculitis UK are constantly updating the website. Here are some examples of latest changes:

The Takayasu Arteritis page was updated earlier this year. The update was provided by Prof Justin Mason of Imperial College.

The revised Behçets Syndrome page was included in June. This page was written by Dr Nicola Ambrose and Prof Dorian Haskard of Imperial College.

We also working to ensure our members understand their options in the Living with Vasculitis section. Information on Patient Choices in the NHS was added recently.



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