Patient-Centred Healthcare Indicators Review

At the Congress, IAPO launched the Patient-Centred Healthcare Indicators Review. The Review aims to identify and explore current efforts to measure the patient-centredness of healthcare providers, organizations, national health systems and other stakeholders involved in healthcare provision. The report can be accessed here.

Request for comments

To help IAPO further their work on patient-centred indicators so that it is relevant for patients and patients’ organizations in whatever context or country they are in, they would like to hear your opinions on the Patient-Centred Healthcare Indicators Review.

When making your comments, it may be helpful to think about the following questions:
• What is missing from the Review, what are the gaps?
• Can you recommend other initiatives which asses patient-centred healthcare indicators?
• Is it appropriate to measure patient-centred healthcare at certain points along the ‘patient journey’? What alternative conceptual frameworks could be used?
• What is the scope for evidence-based qualitative indicators such as patient narratives?

Please also share with how your organization measures patient-centredness and any additional references or materials that you think could contribute to this piece of work. If you have any other comments or suggestions, please email Yasemin Dil at  

The deadline for comments is Friday 4 May 2012. 

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