Horizon 2020 update

by Vicky Skingley

    Horizon 2020 update

In July, ARMA members met with the International Knowledge and Innovation Unit, BIS, following a joint letter to the Universities and Science Minister (David Willetts MP) about the development of the European Framework programme for research ‘Horizon 2020’ . The  Minister’s response acknowledged the serious nature of musculoskeletal conditions, and the importance of ensuring that Horizon 2020 funding would be available to support research in this field.

It was confirmed that the European Council had agreed the overarching Horizon 2020 framework, except its budget, at the end of May. The Council is expected to consider the more detailed  ‘specific programme’ during Autumn 2012, and discussion in the European Parliament is anticipated during late 2012 and early 2013. We gave a view that, as discussion of the specific programme moves on, if documentation refers to specific conditions then musculoskeletal conditions should be included proportionately alongside references to other diseases.  BIS indicated that documentation is currently intended to be high level and generic (i.e. not disease specific) in nature, however it was suggested that they would consider putting forward some of the proposed amendments.

Thank you again to ARMA members for supporting the joint letter.

For further information please contact Laura Boothman at Arthritis Research UK (l.boothman@arthritisresearchuk.org).

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