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HMSA Move Apace with a New Name

by Garreth

new-hmsa-bannerWhat’s in an ‘S’?

In July 2013, The Charity Commission has approved a change to the name of the HMSA, which now becomes the Hypermobility Syndromes Association.

Dr Hakim, Chief Medical Advisor, said on behalf of the Charity’s Trustees:
‘Hypermobility and the problems related to it can affect many people in a number of different ways. It is associated with several conditions including the Joint Hypermobility syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and Marfan syndrome. Although there are important and very specific differences between these conditions, in many respects the advice and treatments needed are similar. Recognizing this, our change in title reflects the HMSA’s aim of supporting all those with any hypermobility-related condition.’

Donna Wicks, Senior Medical Liaison Officer, stated:
‘The change described above also reflects the changing needs of our members. Many members with Sticklers, vascular or classical EDS and Marfan syndrome, have joined over the last few years, despite the HMSA primarily representing the Joint Hypermobility syndrome (also known by some as Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobility type).

Members stated they were joining because they liked the positivity of the charity and the biopsychosocial model we adopted in helping people to understand and manage their conditions. The Hypermobility Syndromes Association has also produced a new website ( reflecting the changes we have made in working with people from all the Heritable Disorders of Connective Tissue and other hypermobility problems. The website has been widely accepted positively but is dynamic and new pages reflecting the needs of the members and professionals working with the same patient group are constantly being created to Information Standard.’


The HMSA 2014 Conference “Move, Pace, Keep Active”

The HMSA is pleased to announce its 2014 Residential Conference, from Friday evening 25th- to Sunday afternoon 27th July, at the Hilton, St Georges Park, Burton-Upon-Trent, home of the National Football Centre. The theme is ‘keep active’. This weekend is aimed at all people who have a Heritable Connective Tissue Disorder or one of the Hypermobility Syndromes. There is separate timetables for adults/parents and children as usual within the theme of the weekend. The programme will include practical talks from experts, activities including use of hydrotherapy facilities, advice sessions with therapists, and of course time for relaxation and socializing with members, staff, and advisors.

Details of the programme and pricing will be published soon, along with access to the conference booking form. There will be the opportunity to book day passes for the Saturday or Sunday or both if unable to attend the whole weekend or weekend accommodation is not required. Also, delegates will be able to pay in advance by instalments – Terms and Conditions apply. Priority bookings will be for HMSA Members but non-members can apply as we have kept a limited number of spaces. Please contact Donna Wicks for priority bookings.

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