Fibromyalgia and coronavirus information page

People with fibromyalgia are finding themselves wondering whether they are more at risk of getting Coronavirus, as are other chronically ill and healthy people. The lack of clarity over the origin of our condition does not help in these circumstances. The government uses broad categories to inform people and control risk to vulnerable people. But these broad categories are collecting people and inflaming their anxiety, which does not help their chronic condition.

FMA UK has created a webpage that will be regularly updated to point to latest government guidelines and specific information for people with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia does not fall under the specific risk groups on its own because it is not an autoimmune condition or degenerative neurological condition. However, people who contract this virus will most likely have a worse time of it than a healthy person if they have more than a mild case.

For fibromyalgia and coronavirus information please visit this page: