In parallel with the NHS’s Forward View document, Public Health England (PHE) has published its own list of health priorities: From Evidence into Action: Opportunities to Protect and Improve the Nation’s Health, setting out the PHE’s seven key priorities where it believes it can make a significant difference over the coming five to ten years.

The seven evidence-into-actionpriorities are:

  1. Tackling obesity
  2. Reducing smoking
  3. Reducing harmful drinking
  4. Ensuring every child has the best start in life
  5. Reducing dementia risk
  6. Tackling antimicrobial resistance
  7. Reducing tuberculosis

The full From Evidence into Action paper can be accessed here.

It acknowledges that the health system cannot maintain the status quo and that a sustainable health service is one that helps people stay healthy; not one that only treats illness. It further identifies six ‘game-changers’ that can be taken advantage of and offer a unique opportunity for positive change.

Workplace Wellbeing Charter

Notably, one of these six ‘game-changers’ is the ‘powerful contribution of employers’ in improving people’s mental and physical health. It is pointed out that a healthier workforce is a more productive one and that good quality work promotes better health. It is for this reason that the PHE launched the Workplace Wellbeing Charter earlier this year, providing a roadmap for businesses wanting to improve the health and wellbeing of their staff.

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