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FMA-UK-2015-squareContact your MP Campaign

Following a good year that featured a ministerial debate on fibromyalgia in the House of Parliament, FMA UK is contacting all MPs and members of the House of Lords to engage them on the subject of fibromyalgia. We plan to ask them to become fibromyalgia ambassadors and be more mindful of the plight of their constituents that are affected by fibromyalgia.

We are excited about this venture, as the more support we have at parliament the better that our cause can be advanced and improve the support for people living with fibromyalgia.

To boost the process of getting MPs involved in this campaign, we have teamed up with Fibromyalgia Magazine, and encourage anyone affected by fibromyalgia to contact their MP about this venture and also about any concerns that they have that relates to their condition.

As MPs are responsible for their constituents, we hope that this engagement from the charity and their constituents will bring fibromyalgia the recognition it deserves.

To read more about the Contact Your MP Campaign and how to contact your MP visit:


FMA UK submission to NICE on clinical guidance concerning the diagnosis of fibromyalgia

NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) is in the process of writing a guidance document on all neurological conditions, which do not have NICE guidance yet; this includes fibromyalgia. This guidance refers only to the way how a patient with a suspected neurological condition, such as fibromyalgia, is being referred by a GP to a specialist.

FMA UK has submitted evidence to the consultation. All evidence collected by NICE will be now assessed by a committee of healthcare professionals and patients representatives and the final guidance will be published in the summer 2018.


FMA UK is surveying GPs on fibromyalgia

FMA UK has been working on a GP survey, which has been put together by an academic, to find out what are the most common practices in diagnosing and managing fibromyalgia in the UK by GPs and whether there is an unmet need, perceived by GPs, to improve care for patients living with fibromyalgia across the UK.

The survey will allow GPs to share anonymously their practice, concerns and experience in diagnosing and treating patients living with fibromyalgia and it will allow us to see if there are any patterns emerging.

The survey is in the pilot stage at the time of writing this article and it will be send to all GPs in the UK. It is an anonymous survey and the data is needed to inform the decision makers in the NHS of the resources needed to improve the support given to patients with FM and to shape the future direction of FMA UK. FMA UK will publicize the result of this survey in due time.

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