Innovation, transformation, improvement; everyone is trying to change health services for the better from NHS England to ARMA and each of our members, from the top and the centre to the local and the frontline.

There is also a lot being written about this. Last month’s guest blog looked at a report from the innovation unit with the Health Foundation on spread of innovation in the NHS. This month I’ve been reading a report from the Kings Fund on transformation. The report, or at least the summary, is worth a read; even though the four examples are not MSK-related, the key messages are very relevant.

Transformation is about “shifting mindsets, changing relationships and re-distributing power”. It’s about building relationships, learning together and connecting. It’s about collaborating and co-creating, and for me that means with patients as well as with all parts of the health and care system. A lot of ARMA’s work is about supporting and enabling this kind of connection. Our MSK Knowledge Hub is taking off, with new resources being submitted almost daily. Discussions have begun on the forum and the more you use it, the more useful it will be.

Our MSK Networks project aims to link people locally and to support and inform those working on service improvement. Combined with the hub it aims to help join up improvement activities locally and support innovation and change. Anyone working on MSK improvement can join.

The Kings Fund report also talks about the importance of leadership and collective leadership skills. I am excited at the new MSK Champions programme from Arthritis Research UK to support MSK leaders and influencers. It looks like a programme that will be really valuable to the people who take part and to their local MSK services. There’s still just time to apply as the closing date is 17 June.

Transformational change, the Kings Fund concludes, needs our collective focus. Let’s harness the collective focus of the MSK community and see what we can achieve together.

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