psalvlogo1The Next Psoriasis and PSA Cross Party Group Meeting in Holyrood is on 24th of September.

There is a proposal from Skin Conditions Campaign Scotland to have the purpose of the CPG changed. There was much discussion on this, and it is on the agenda for the next meeting. The new suggested title is “Skin conditions and associated Rheumatic conditions”- (such as PSORIASIS-PSA) PSALV is concerned at loss of Rheumatology input and interest at this, after 4/5 years running as a successful group.


PSALV is dropping its SC0 charity number, due to lack of active Trustees, but will still remain as the only patient organisation in Scotland acting for all with psoriatic arthritis. We have a patient website with articles written for us by NHS Scotland medical experts, these can be downloaded. We retain the name PSALV/Psoriasis Scotland. We will carry on campaigning for better services and awareness, as per the last 15 years, in Holyrood. We have many leading local advisers; Health is of course devolved, as is the NHS IN SCOTLAND, Charity law, Government etc.

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