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Chain Of Trust

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European Patients’ Forum

EU project co-financed by the EU Public Health Programme



The European Patients’ Forum (EPF) is implementing, together with other six partners, an EU project co-financed by the EU Public Health Programme called “Chain of Trust”. Started in January 2011, this project aims to assess the perspectives of the main end users of telehealth services, i.e. patients, doctors, nurses and pharmacists across the EU to see whether and how views have evolved since the initial deployment of telehealth and what barriers there still are to building confidence in and acceptance of this innovative type of services.

For more information on Chain of Trust, please visit the project website at or contact Liuska Sanna or Walter Atzori .

One of the tools that the Chain of Trust consortium is using in order to assess the views of patients and health professionals on telehealth is an online survey. This survey, which is available in 11 languages, is aimed at both users and non-users of telehealth services and consists of two questionnaires, one for patients and one for health professionals.

The online questionnaires can be accessed directly using the links listed below. Please choose survey language and type of survey you wish to participate (Patients or Health Professionals)

Click here:

Patients / Health professionals



EPF will particularly value your support in dis-seminating this online survey across patient and health professional groups to help us reach out to as many respondents as possible. We would be very grateful, therefore, if you could dissemi-nate this survey across your members and con-tacts.

On behalf of the project consortium, we would like to thank you very much for your valuable input and for contributing towards a successful completion of the project!


The deadline for submitting the survey is Wednesday 20 July.

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