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Nominations for the election of ARMA trustees are open!

There are three vacancies and we encourage you to apply. The Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance (ARMA) provides a collective voice for the arthritis and musculoskeletal community in the UK. Our vision is that musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders are a priority in policy and practice in the UK. We work collectively and collaboratively with our members – 30 organisations, ranging from specialised support groups for rare diseases to major research charities and national professional bodies.

We work with partners in the NHS and Public Health England to achieve this vision.

Trustees are responsible for the governance, strategy and management of the ARMA charity, in line with the priorities agreed by the membership. They contribute to the strategic development of the organisation and the delivery of its activities, taking part in four online board meetings a year and in other activities between meetings as required.  

As a trustee, you’ll be part of a skilled and experienced board of trustees, working closely with an outstanding team of people.

There is an induction pack for new trustees and an existing trustee will act as a buddy to help you understand the role.

Potential trustees need to complete the trustee form [download in Microsoft Word docx format], and also need the support of an ARMA member organisation. If you are not already associated with an ARMA member, we can introduce you.

Please send your applications using the form to no later than 5pm Friday 26 June 2020.

Arthritis Action is looking for a creative communications officer with excellent media relations skills to effectively co-ordinate and implement Arthritis Action’s marketing and communications activities, raise the charity’s profile and increase public awareness of arthritis.

The ideal candidate will have a mixed background in marketing, PR, social media, and a track record of securing local, regional and/or national media coverage.

This is a full-time and permanent role, based in the London office. Applications close at 5pm on Wednesday 6 November. The first round of interviews will be on 13 November.

Read more from the website.

The NICE Fellows and Scholars programmes will be recruiting to their 2020 intake from Monday 2 September until Monday 28 October 2019.


Are you an experienced leader in health and social care? Could you build an influential network that helps us to implement our guidance? NICE fellows are experienced leaders from the field of health and social care who are our ambassadors at regional and national levels.

Learn more about NICE Fellows. Fellowship recruitment is now open until 28 October 2019.
Find out more about how to apply.


Would you like the opportunity to improve the quality of care and contribute to your professional development?

NICE Scholarships are one-year opportunities to find out about the inner workings of NICE. You’d undertake a supported improvement project, related to our guidance, within a local organisation, national charity or voluntary sector organisation.

Learn more about NICE Scholars. View examples of potential projects that might be suitable activities for scholars. Scholarship recruitment is now open until 28 October 2019.

Find out more about how to apply. For more information about either programme, please don’t hesitate to contact

Could you be the new treasurer of ARMA? This is an ideal opportunity for someone who wishes to gain experience of serving as a charity treasurer. As a small charity, ARMA’s finances are relatively straightforward, so you don’t necessarily need to be a highly qualified accountant. The skills and knowledge required might have been gained through financial qualifications, running a business or previous treasurer experience.

An interest in improving health services is desirable, but we do not require any previous experience of working in health services. Similarly, an interest in or experience of musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis would be an advantage but is not essential.

ARMA Trustees are appointed for an initial three-year term and after that are eligible to stand for a further three-year term. This is an unpaid honorary post. Board meetings take place on a quarterly basis and you will be expected to give your time for four meetings, three of which are online and one of which takes place in London. Reasonable expenses are reimbursed. As Treasurer you will also monitor the finances monthly and raise any concerns, report to Board meetings and provide advice on an ad hoc basis to staff. You will not be required to do the bookkeeping and will receive monthly management accounts from the accountant. You will liaise with the Chief Executive in preparation for Board meetings.

For more information, contact

Ehlers-Danlos Support UK and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH), have announced (26 July 2019) that they will co-fund the world’s first Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) nurse. The two organisations have together pledged £119,500, for a two-year pilot. The nurse will be part of a four-person specialist team at UCLH, which sees approximately 600-700 new EDS cases a year.

The care pathway for an EDS patient is extremely complex. For example, one recent patient attending the clinic at UCLH had 97 appointments over a period of one year and was under seven different hospitals. All too often, people with EDS attend multiple appointments with no clear outcome because knowledge about and treatment of EDS greatly varies. Ehlers-Danlos Support UK and UCLH believe that once the EDS specialist nurse is in post, and people with EDS are referred to the UCLH Hypermobility Clinic, patients will benefit from better coordinated care so that when they return to their local area they have one specialist point of contact and move from a fragmented care pathway to a streamlined one.

This will both improve the local management of people’s EDS and reduce the number of hospital appointments they need. At the same time, by contributing to the understanding of the prevalence of systemic EDS symptoms and tracking the healthcare needs of these patients, the EDS nurse will be able to provide valuable input into the ongoing evolution of EDS patient care in the UK.

UCLH consultant rheumatologist Dr Hanadi KazKaz said: “This is an important step in ensuring that EDS patients can access joined-up care and be signposted to a specialist clinic which can greatly improve their treatment plan. We are delighted to be able to offer this additional specialist expertise to patients in partnership with Ehlers-Danlos Support UK.”

Kay Julier, CEO, Ehlers-Danlos Support UK said: “Being able to fund the world’s first EDS nurse is a real milestone in how EDS is diagnosed and treated. Despite affecting at least one in 5,000 people, it remains misunderstood and the result is that people with EDS experience extremely cumbersome and frustrating care. Thanks to the funding from the EDS community who have donated and fundraised over the years, we are now in a position, through our partnership with UCLH, to affect what we hope will be real change.

“The EDS nurse will be able to ensure a much more effective post diagnosis care pathway for patients. By also reducing the cost of care to the NHS we are hopeful that after the trial the NHS will be willing to fund the position long term, and we are looking at how we can seed fund similar positions across the UK,” Julier concluded.

The Ehlers-Danlos syndromes are a group of genetic connective tissue disorders, which impact the whole body. One type of EDS (vascular EDS) is life-limiting. Those suffering with EDS can have chronic pain, frequent joint dislocations, fatigue, allergy-like symptoms, gut, bowel and bladder problems as well as sudden collapses. Currently in the UK, the average time to diagnosis is 10 years. It is hoped that interviews for the role will commence on Monday 19th August 2019, with a view to the successful applicant being in place by early November 2019.

If you would like to apply for the role, please visit:

The UK Gout Society is seeking a new patient trustee.
Those interested should apply to

The iO is advertising the opportunity to join the Osteopathic Foundation as project manager. It is a part-time, one-year fixed term position in the first instance, with the potential to move to a full-time permanent role.

For salary, job spec and more details, please visit the jobs and appointments page on the iO website.

Closing date: 22 July 2019.

Arthritis Action is currently recruiting for the position of Fundraising Manager to join their team in London.

To apply, please download the job description below and email your CV with accompanying cover letter addressing how you meet the person specification, to Despina: .

Applications should be received by 5pm on Monday 21 January, at the latest. The first stage of interviews will be held at Arthritis Action’s office in Victoria on 24 January 2019.

Visit the job posts page on the Arthritis Action website to download the job description.