Survey findings from NRAS

Summary of article published in Rheumatology Advances in Practice on 5 January, 2021

“Disease impact of rheumatoid arthritis in patients not treated with advanced therapies; survey findings from the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society”

Authors: Elena Nikiphorou, Hannah Jacklin, Ailsa Bosworth, Clare Jacklin, Patrick Kiely


In 2020, NRAS conducted a survey amongst its members and non-members who had RA with a disease duration more than 2 years, who were not on advanced therapies (i.e. biologic/biosimilar or targeted synthetic DMARDs (JAK … Read this article

NHFD Annual Report

The challenge of the next decade: are hip fracture services ready?

The National hip Fracture Database (NHFD) has recently released its latest annual report focussing on the six NHFD key performance indicators used to monitor and drive up standards across the country. 2020 will no doubt prove to be one of the most challenging years in the history of the NHS. This report also presents the first data about the effect of COVID-19 on trauma units around the country and … Read this article

RA disease not treated with advanced therapies

RA disease impact in patients not treated with advanced therapies; survey findings from the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society


Recently NICE published a Final Appraisal Document in respect of a new JAK inhibitor (filgotinib –  Jyseleca) giving access to people with RA who have so called ‘moderate’ disease in addition to those with ‘severe’ disease. This is the first time NICE have broadened their eligibility criteria for access to advanced therapies and is warmly welcomed by NRAS. This comes … Read this article

Chronic Pain and the pandemic

Recently, Pain Alliance Europe conducted a 6-week short survey on Covid-19 and chronic pain in twelve languages to see the current situation of chronic pain patients in Europe.

The survey showed initial results that during the pandemic 15% of people worried and feared taking prescribed medication. There was also impact on self-management plans – of those people who had a plan, 29% indicate they are not able to continue with their care plan. From all countries, the respondents in the … Read this article

Assistive devices survey

The British Assistive Technology Association (BATA) has launched a survey, supported by the WHO’s GATE Programme (Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology), called the UK Priority Assistive Products List National Survey.

It is a survey about the most essential assistive products for people, aiming to create a list similar to the essential medicines list from WHO, of essential assistive devices. This is to help identify priorities of need and improve access for those who require an assistive device.

There are … Read this article

Chronic pain in adults 2017: Health Survey for England

A new report from Public Health England examines data on chronic pain in England and analyses inequalities in the experience of chronic pain. The report will be useful for those commissioning and delivering services for those experiencing chronic pain and policy makers in central and local government. The findings on inequalities include that chronic pain is more prevalent in women than men; in people from the Black ethnic group than other ethnicities; and in those in more deprived areas.

The … Read this article

Helping to straighten the long and winding road

NASS was pleased to work with Dr Helena Marzo-Ortega of Leeds Teaching Hospitals and Simon Whalley from M&F Health to produce a comment piece for The Lancet Rheumatology earlier this month. The article concluded that the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in significant disruption for people living with axial SpA (AS) and the healthcare teams providing the vital NHS services they rely on.

The article shines a light on the difficulties that people living with axial SpA (AS) have had accessing … Read this article

FCP pilot publishes results

First oF project reaches a successful conclusion

The First Contact Practitioner Osteopath pilot, funded by the Osteopathic Foundation, has published its results with excellent implications for the future of osteopaths in the FCP role.

The report indicates results that demonstrate osteopaths have the skills to make a positive impact in these roles.


Another recent report by the Institute of Osteopathy is Tackling the workforce challenges in MSK care which explores the role of osteopaths as … Read this article

What We Need Now

A new report from National Voices What matters to people for health and care, during COVID-19 and beyond is based on the work throughout the first phase of the pandemic to capture the experiences of people with ongoing health and care needs, through OurCOVIDVoices. The report makes a series of recommendations for those designing services and those delivering services which will be very relevant to MSK services, as well as suggestions for what system leaders can do.

Derived from … Read this article