Policy Exchange (a non-partisan educational charity) have launched a ‘call for evidence’ – joining up employment support and welfare in the UK. To find out more please click here. The closing date is 3rd June 2013.


Joining up employment support and welfare in the UK

Policy Exchange values the opinions of business leaders, charities, academics, NGOs, civil servants and other experts. We constantly engage with relevant organisations and individuals during the course of our research.

We have launched a ‘call for evidence’ to formally enable expert opinion formers to feed in to our work. Submissions are open to everyone and respondents can choose to be acknowledged on our website at the conclusion of the project.

This is a timely research project. While the Coalition has an ambitious welfare reform agenda there are real questions over whether even this scale of reform will be enough to tackle entrenched disadvantage and the fall-out from the recession.

For this reason, Policy Exchange is launching a programme of work that will bring together front line delivery agents, key policy makers, academics, experts and politicians to discuss the vital issue of how to bring together employment support for some of the most disadvantaged groups in society. The first stage of this programme of work will ask what support is currently available for key disadvantaged groups and how this might be delivered more effectively at a local level.

We are looking to hear from anyone with an interest in this area who might have ideas. In particular, we hope to speak to:

  • Organisations and individuals delivering support services;
  • Current support service users; and
  • People who have used these support services in the past.

Key questions we are seeking to resolve include:

  • What barriers and challenges do individuals face when trying to find employment?
  • How effective is the current system in helping people to overcome these barriers?
  • What services exist to help individuals overcome the barriers they face?
  • How are these services funded, is it through national or local government, or the private or third sector?
  • To what extent do support services overlap and how well are they co-ordinated?
  • How could co-ordination between support services be improved?
  • What performance measurements exist and are they suitable for measuring and encouraging a more joined up approach?

You can submit your answers to these questions on the Policy Exchange website here.

Policy Exchange is an independent, non-partisan educational charity seeking free market and localist solutions to public policy questions. Charity Registration Number 1096300.


The closing date for submissions will be Monday 3rd June 2013.

The contact for this project is Guy Miscampbell, Economics & Social Policy Research Assistant.

Email: click here
Phone: 0207 340 2650

Click here to go to the submission form from the Policy Exchange website.


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