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aruk-newlogo-squareArthritis Research UK updates for May

Manifesto: We have now finalised the text for our manifesto and it will be published at the end of June.  It will separate our policy asks into three parts –  prevention, delivering more person centred and integrated care, and the need for a policy environment in which medical research can thrive.  It will also encourage MPs and candidates to become active advocates for change in relation to musculoskeletal conditions. For more information please contact Michael


Public health and musculoskeletal health: We will shortly by publishing a report on public health and musculoskeletal conditions following our workshop with Public Health England last August. The CMOs for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have kindly provided forewords for the report. For more information please contact Benjamin:


MSK Calculator:  We are working with Imperial College London to develop an online tool providing health planners with accurate and up-to-date musculoskeletal health data estimates of the number of people in England with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, disabling back pain and high risk fragility fractures. We are currently analysing the first data set (severe osteoarthritis of the hip and knee) within the charity. We will communicate this to Public Health leads and local authorities shortly.


M-PROM: Arthritis Research UK is working to support the development of a patient reported outcome measure for musculoskeletal conditions (the M-PROM). Patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) are a way of recording how people rate their own health status. In areas where few biomedical measures are available, PROMs are often recognised as an effective way of measuring health outcomes.  A draft tool has been developed and Arthritis Research UK will be working with NHS-England to co-fund the piloting of the M-PROM candidate tool in four clinical settings: Orthopaedic surgery, GP referral to physiotherapy, Early Inflammatory Arthritis and a whole health care system. This phase will focus on providing evidence that the tool works and helps people make better decisions.


Care planning: Many thanks for all the input into this report, which we are shortly sending for external review. It is intended for policy-makers and healthcare professionals interested in long-term conditions and supported self-management approaches, including those within NHS England, patient and health professional groups and bodies, research funders and charities. It reviews current policy, clinical guidance, understanding and experience of care planning in relation to people with musculoskeletal conditions, and sets out a series of factors which must be considered to ensure that people with musculoskeletal conditions can benefit from future implementation of care planning. For more information please ask Laura.

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