Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance

At the Evidence Live conference in April at the University of Oxford, BAcC highlighted some of the methodological issues around research into acupuncture, with a focus on osteoarthritis. We presented a poster called “Evaluating Acupuncture: What works for the Patient“, showing research data and guidelines on acupuncture effectiveness.

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GMC guidance reflects Accredited Registers

The Professional Standards Authority recently asked the General Medical Council to amend its explanatory guidance on Good Medical Practice. The guidance explains how doctors can put those principles into practice when, for example, delegating care and making referrals. The GMC has now amended its guidance to include Accredited Registers as an example of how GPs could satisfy themselves that systems are in place to assure the safety and quality of care provided to their patients.

Please see the section on Referrals from the GMC website.


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