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Bone and Joint Decade 2010 – 2020
Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health World Conference 2014

The Royal College of Surgeons, London

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Sunday 12th October

Our programme for Sunday was designed to enhance the activities of our National Action Networks, providing an opportunity to share the successful collaborations and campaigns of our local networks and of other major stakeholder organisations, and to learn about the challenges that others have faced.

Introductions & Welcomes


Opening remarks and context by Phil Gray, Chair of the Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance, and Anthony Woolf, Chair of the Bone and Joint Decade 2010-2020. Listen to Phil Grays’ introduction to the Summit. (mp3 audio, 3:20 mins) Listen to Tony Woolf’s key messages. (mp3 audio, 2:20 mins)

Meeting objectives – Deborah & Federico

Deborah Kopansky-Giles, BJD ICC, and Federico-Moscogiuri, CEO ARMA, get proceedings under way.

Listen to Deborah describe the meeting objectives. (mp3 audio, 2:40 mins)

Listen to Federico’s brief outline of the day’s tasks. (mp3 audio, 0:50 mins)    

The Bone and Joint Decade – an update

PDF slide presentation file size = 8.6 MB.


Tony Woolf on the Bone and Joint Decade, and making musculoskeletal health a priority.
Listen to Tony’s presentation. (mp3 audio, 13:11 mins)

Network Activities

These were presentations of successful collaborations and facilitated discussion to share skills and experience. Moderators: Toby King, USBJI and Ruth Lilian, OAM, Australian NAN.

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Toby King, Executive Director, USBJI, introduces a series of speakers on different examples of collaborative working from across the globe.

Listen to Toby’s presentation. (mp3 audio, 5:42 mins)

EULAR and Horizon 2020 / Chronic Disease reflection

PDF slide presentation file size = 219 KB.
Neil Betteridge, EULAR, introduced by Ruth Lillian. Listen to Neil’s presentation. (mp3 audio, 16:04 mins)

Clinical networks to improve delivery of care

PDF slide presentation file size = 842 KB.
image of speaker
Federico Moscogiuri, CEO of ARMA Listen to Federico’s presentation. (mp3 audio, 20 mins)

Making MSCs a research priority in Norway

PDF slide presentation file size = 3.4 MB.
Jakob Lothe, Norwegian National Action Network Listen to Jakob’s presentation. (mp3 audio, 14:05 mins)

Fragility Fracture Network

PDF slide presentation file size = 2.3 MB.
David Marsh, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Orthopaedics, University College London. Listen to David’s presentation. (mp3 audio, 20 mins)

“Own the Bone”

PDF slide presentation file size = 855 KB.
Doug Dirschl, Past President AOA. Listen to Doug’s presentation. (mp3 audio, 15 mins)

Improving clinical competency and increasing patient engagement in Kenya

PDF slide presentation file size = 608 KB.
Omondi Oyoo, BJD Ambassador, Kenya. Listen to Omondi’s presentation. (mp3 audio, 14 mins)

Example of a successful campaign in Lebanon

Ghassan Maalouf, BJD ICC, Professor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery at St Joseph’s University Beirut; Vice President for Medical Affairs, and Medical Director for Belvue Medical Center, Lebanon; Chairman of WHO Fragility Fracture Taskforce. Listen to Ghassan’s presentation. (mp3 audio, 11:30 mins)

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Building an effective network – the challenges

PDF slide presentation file size = 1 MB.
Deborah Kopansky-Giles, BJD ICC, and Ruth Lilian, OAM, Australian NAN, describe what it takes to build a National Action Network, and introduce the next session of group discussions. Listen to Deborah and Ruth’s presentation. (mp3 audio, 17 mins)
The groups report back, delivering notes from their table discussions: ambitions, experiences, challenges and targets for building networks. Listen to the findings of the group discussions. (mp3 audio, 25 mins)    

Global activities

Short plenary introductions to each topic. These were followed by round table discussions, with topic experts hosting at each table, repeated in two rotations. Moderators: Deborah Kopansky-Giles, BJD ICC and Federico Moscogiuri, CEO ARMA.

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Musculoskeletal health in the workplace

PDF slide presentation file size = 1.1 MB.
Occupational Physician, Professor Niki Ellis, from Melbourne Australia, introduced by Federico Moscogiuri. Listen to Niki’s presentation. (mp3 audio, 5 mins)
Integrated models of care

Rhona McGlasson, James Waddell, Mieke Hazes on their national model of backpain management; consensus-based programs of care; clinical networks; and early arthritis clinics. Listen to their three presentations. (12 mins total)

PDF slide presentationPDF slide presentationPDF slide presentation

Increasing the skilled workforce

PDF slide presentation file size = 1.23 MB.
Mellick Chehade, Associate Professor, University of Adelaide, Royal Adelaide Hospital. Listen to Mellick’s presentation. (mp3 audio, 6:20 mins)
Surveillance & data driven care (HCQI, registers)

PDF slide presentation file size = 2.24 MB.
Lyn March, Professor of Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Epidemiology at the University of Sydney. Listen to Lyn’s presentation. (mp3 audio, 5:50 mins)

PDF slide presentation file size = 48 KB.
Neil Betteridge, Vice-Chair of the CPPC, and Vice- President EULAR, Patient and Public Representative. Listen to Neil’s presentation. (mp3 audio, 6 mins)

PDF slide presentation file size = 6 MB.
Marcos Musafir, State Secretary of Health for Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. Listen to Marcos’s presentation. (mp3 audio, 4 mins)

Feedback from the Roundtables

The group leader from each roundtable discussion reports to the floor. Listen to the roundtable findings. (mp3 audio, 32 mins)

Call for Action and the Advocacy Tool Kit

PDF slide presentation file size = 3.16 MB.

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Prof Tony Woolf and all participants. Listen to Tony’s Call for Action. (mp3 audio, 12 mins) See the e-petition on the BJD website.

Keynote: Running a successful campaign

PDF slide presentation file size = 4 MB.
Katie Dain, Exec Director, NCD Alliance. Listen to Katie’s presentation. (mp3 audio, 30 mins)

BJD Thanks and Awards

PDF slide presentation file size = 5.71 MB.
Prof Tony Woolf and James Waddell. Listen to Tony and James give thanks and awards. (mp3 audio, 6 mins)

The Following Day…

Our programme for Monday explored measures for improving care and delivering best practice, and examined the impact of work on musculoskeletal health. With keynote speeches about the impact of musculoskeletal conditions, we drew on experiences in the UK, Europe and worldwide. There was also a session on the role of research followed by the launch of our Call for Action, which coincided with the launch of Bone and Joint Action week. See the page for the MSK World Summit, which took place on 13th Oct 2014 at the Royal College of Surgeons, London.

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