BIMM Events: June – Sept

by Garreth

bimm-logo-squareThe British Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine’s Upcoming Events 2014

7th June
Soft Tissue Examination & Injection Workshop
BMI Hospital, Blackheath, London

The one day BIMM workshop ‘Peripheral Injection’, offers experiential learning with a high tutor to learner ratio (no more than 1:6) and is suitable for general practitioners, GP registrars and hospital doctors beginning or considering a career or special interest in musculoskeletal medicine. Physiotherapists, nurse and osteopathic practitioners have also found much value in these courses in the past.

This course is based around a series of workstations through which participants rotate, learning surface anatomy, examination skills, indications for injection, needle placement (with practice on models) and safety issues.


14th – 16th June
Systemic Disorders, Cervical Spine
LCOM Boston Place London NW1 6QH

Cervicoscapular pain, radiculopathy, cervicogenic headache and whiplash syndrome are but a few of the cervical spine disorders clarified in this module. Systematic examination with detailed palpatory diagnosis of segmental dysfunction leads to the application of specific manual technique. Ample opportunity is given to the acquisition of these skills through supervised practice on ‘normal’ subjects. Emphasis is placed throughout this module on the importance of postural training in recovery and prevention of recurrence. The module starts with a full day of teaching and discussion with a rheumatologist on inflammatory and other arthropathies. Common pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, recognition, management, use of imaging and other investigations will be covered in detail. Osteoporosis and its prevention, practical management of arthritis including exercise and joint injections will be covered.


12th – 14th July
Sports and Exercise Medicine, the Lower Limb
LCOM Boston Place London NW1 6QH

The course is a general introduction to sports medicine. With reference to lower limb injury and overuse syndromes the student will learn about the wider range of diagnostic possibilities encountered in the sports medicine clinic and their management. The hip, knee, ankle and foot will be covered comprehensively in terms of anatomy, function, clinical presentations, medical and surgical management.


27th – 29th Sept
Foundation Course
LCOM Boston Place London NW1 6QH

This module will cover the essentials of history taking and systematic physical examination of the musculoskeletal system. You will be introduced to the neurophysiology of pain and the relevance of the dysfunction model to understanding the modern epidemic of back pain. You will learn how to assess posture, gait and function and develop your manual skills in diagnosis of soft tissue dysfunction. Through understanding of joint mechanics and physiology you will begin to learn the principles of mobilisation and manipulation. Demonstration of diagnostic technique on clinic patients in later modules together with small group sessions will help you integrate this new knowledge and skills into your own practice.


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