Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance

Arthritis Research UK PsA Booklet

by Garreth

psalvlogo1PSALV and others were given the opportunity to review the Arthritis Research UK PsA Booklet which is used extensively in clinics across Scotland and the UK. We were able to show that 1 in 5 people with minimal skin psoriasis develop a varying degree of psoriatic arthritis (according to SIGN NHS QIS Clinical guideline 121) this figure had previously been stated as 1 in 14. As a person with psoriatic arthritis, for 39 years, I was delighted to assist our expert Rheumatology advisers which included Dr H Wilson.

Report by Janice Johnson


PSALV will be attending the following events in the coming month:

On 4th September we will attend the ALLIANCE Scotland /ABPI Seminar with the shadow Health Minister.

The next ARMA Scotland meeting will take place on 9th September – for more information please contact the ARMA office.

The next Psoriatic Arthritis /Psoriasis Cross Party group takes place on 25th September at Holyrood, Edinburgh, this is open to all. This is a hugely important campaigning body for us in Scotland as health is devolved.

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