Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance

aruk-newlogo-squareBy the time the polls closed, 93 candidates from across all major parties had agreed to become Arthritis Champions. 39 Arthritis Champions have been elected, 30% of all MSPs. This gives us a sizeable base of support to build on within the Scottish Parliament over the next 5 years.  A third of the main ruling parliamentary party (SNP) are committed to our manifesto.

During the campaign, nearly 350 supporters across Scotland emailed their election candidates. 3121 emails were sent to candidates asking them to be Arthritis Champions.

We are extremely keen to ensure that those MSPs that promised to be champions whilst candidates fulfil those promises now that that they are elected. We have produced a ‘What you can do in your first hundred days guide’ for all MSPs.  We want to capitalise on the momentum this campaign has built. All supporters will be receiving regular updates on our work in Scotland with the new Arthritis Champions.

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