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by Sarah Wright



Launch of ArthritisWatch                                            

As you all know, the NHS in England is going through significant changes, whilst needing to find £20bn of “efficiency savings” by 2015. Over the past months, people with arthritis throughout England have been telling Arthritis Care that

  • services are being cut
  • waiting times are going up
  • people with arthritis are finding it harder to access the services they need

ArthritisWatch is Arthritis Care’s new evidence-gathering project to find out what people with arthritis really need from their local services, and identify where local health services are failing to deliver this (from GP assessment, through to treatment and after-care). This will help us full know the scale and impact of these changes, and help us to campaign against service cuts and lobby for improvements to services at local and national level.

In particular, we’re looking for personal exoperiences relating to:

  • Recent cuts or changes to services for arthritis
  • Difficulties in accessing services such as hydrotherapy
  • Increased waiting times for treatment  
  • Whether you receive a qood-quality service from your GP
  • Whether you receive enough support to look after yourself
  • Anything else which you think we should know about

We want as many people with any form of arthritis as possible to contribute to our survey. Please help us spread the word!

Visit our website here

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