Arthritis Care Week and Chat4Change

by Garreth

Visit Arthritis Care's websiteOn Monday 13th May Arthritis Care will launch Arthritis Care Week, with the strapline something can always be done.

AC will be asking people what their “something” was – that first step that got them started in trying to manage their arthritis, rather than letting it manage them.

There will be a variety of events taking place throughout the regions to publicise ACW, including displays and talks on how to manage the condition, and a professional Lecture at the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood on May 16th. For more information on local events go to:

More information on Arthritis Care Week.


Arthritis Care have recently launched a tele-befriending project – “Chat4Change,” which is progressing well. It is aimed at people with arthritis who want to improve their health, but cannot travel or commit to a face to face group.

Participants sign up for telephone groups that meet once a week on the telephone. The program is free, and runs for 8 sessions. It enables participants to chat on the phone with a small group of other people with arthritis to share experiences and learn simple techniques to help cope with arthritis.

Click here for more information.

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