Arthritis Care – Three Nations

by Garreth

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Arthritis Care is collaborating with Physiotherapists from the Nottingham University Hospitals Trust in a project on the need for continuation of exercise post physiotherapy intervention. AC is running a workshop with people with arthritis to explore what prevents people from exercising post physiotherapy.


AC Scotland will be working with the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland to take forward their report – Seen and not Heard, Exploring issues facing children with long term conditions. We are awaiting the outcome of a funding application to take forward ‘Getting it Right for Every Child’ (GIRFEC) for children who live with long term conditions. The main strands of the project will be: supporting self-advocacy, policy and practice and aims to ensure the voices of young people are reflected throughout each strand.

AC Scotland’s Better Together – Patient Experience project facilitated the first stage of a consultation to highlight the experience of young people with arthritis through their own eyes. A short film is being produced to highlight the issues from the young person’s perspective. A further consultation event will be held for 40 young people and their families in Stirling on 23rd March and a report will be produced in June.


The first of Northern Ireland’s new MSK Pathways has just commenced (early February, in the Western Area Commissioning Trust). The model, developed with involvement of AC, will direct GP referrals through a triage process with the aim of eliminating duplication and ensuring that patients get to the right specialist as soon as possible. It is anticipated that he model will set the standard for the other four NI Local Commissioning Trusts.

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