Earlier this year, Arthritis Action ran a revolutionary new exercise programme in London and Eastbourne to determine whether it could be applied in a charity environment, as well as assess its effectiveness in treating chronic pain of arthritis.

Dubbed ‘ESCAPE-Pain’ for short, this intervention has been shown to reduce pain, improve ability to perform daily activities (such as walking, using stairs or getting out of a chair), and boost self-esteem, offering a sense of control of the pain.

Participants attended two sessions per week, for six weeks. Each session consisted of 20 minutes learning about self-management, followed by 40 minutes of group-based rehabilitation exercise, tailored to each participant’s needs.

Previously delivered by NHS physiotherapy departments, the programme was found to be very effective in Arthritis Action pilot. Feedback from participants, as well as marked improvement in their mobility gave hope that ESCAPE-pain can be considered in non-clinical settings and potentially by a whole host of healthcare practitioners and fitness specialists – with huge implications for the future dissemination of ESCAPE-Pain.

The sessions were run by our Director of Therapies and Osteopath Matthew Rogers and our Registered Dietitian, Martin Lau. The case study was published under the title ‘New models of delivery: the ESCAPE-pain programme in the charity sector’ on the Health Innovation Network.

For a full copy, please visit: http://www.hin-southlondon.org/resources.

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