The Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance
General Election 2015 Manifesto

MSK conditions represent an area where many of the biggest wins lie for both health and social care. Their cost, impact, prevalence and degree of co-morbidity makes these conditions an important “entry point” for effectively tackling wider priorities, particularly in public health. They also provide an opportunity for achieving effective person-centred care coordinated care for people with long-term conditions.

These conditions represent some of the biggest “wins” for health and social care

As the UK population ages and the number of people living with multiple long-term conditions grow, the burden of MSK conditions is set to increase. The last six years alone have seen an increase of nearly 300% in hip and knee replacements, for instance. Yet MSK conditions remain chronically under-prioritised in the NHS.

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Key Principles

Underpinning the specific interventions which can deliver these “wins” are several key principles, which we call on all political parties to explicitly commit themselves to ahead of the General Election:

Health is a human right

  • The NHS to remain at all times free at the point of need, delivering high-quality and coordinated, patient-centred care for all, in line with the NHS Constitution.
  • The progressive reduction of health inequalities and social isolation


Invest in integrated, patient-centred care

  • Provide real-terms increase in funding for the NHS: Health and social care need sufficient resourcing to be able to meet the needs of today and tomorrow, and to deliver genuinely integrated, patient-centred care. Current levels of resourcing are inadequate and the funding gap in the NHS in particular will not be filled via “efficiency savings” alone.
  • The full integration of health and social care as a longer-term objective.


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Lord Hunt of King’s Heath
Baroness Masham of Ilton
Alison Seabeck MP
Linda Riordan MP
Andrew Gwynne MP
Sir Peter Bottomley MP
David Gauke MP
Kate Green MP
Angela Smith MP
Jim Fitzpatrick MP
Nic Dakin MP
Cathy Jamieson MP
Andrew George MP
Graham Stringer MP
Anne MacGuire MP
Gemma Doyle MP
Huw Irranca-Davies MP
Debby Abrahams MP
Sir Tony Cunningham MP
Hazel Blears MP
Liz Kendall MP
Sir Alan Beith MP
Annette Brooke MP
David Rutley MP
Andrew Percy MP
David Davies MP
Pauline Latham MP
Jacob Rees Mogg MP
Eleanor Laing MP
Meg Munn MP
Martin Vickers MP
Mike Thornton MP
Luciana Berger MP
Helen Goodman MP
Barbara Keeley MP
Steve McCabe MP
Stephen Timms MP
John Pugh MP
Jane Clayton, Durham South West
Sharon Kilty
Carl J. Kristiansen
Wendy Ransom
Louise Hoy, Conservative, South Bedfordshire
Lisa Tollins, Labour, Edinburgh, Pentlands
Kay Williams, Labour, Kirklees
Keith Hulin, Labour, Hodge Hill
Julia Kirk, Middlesex