ARMA’s Strategic Plan

ARMA’s strategy for 2019 – 21

ARMA is an umbrella body representing the breadth of musculoskeletal conditions and professions.

Our vision for musculoskeletal (MSK) health:

  • The MSK health of the population is promoted throughout life;
  • Everyone with MSK conditions receives appropriate, high quality interventions to promote their health and well-being in a timely manner.

We engage with:

Public Policy

Desired impact:

  • Integrated approaches to MSK are included in all policy.

Services (commissioning)

Desired impact:

  • Evidence-informed MSK pathways are in place
  • MSK health is recognised and prioritised.

Policy delivery and practice

Desired impact:

  • Evidence-based Interventions are being delivered
  • Person-centred, integrated MSK care is being delivered.
  • There is an improvement focus, with innovation, spread and quality improvement at the heart of provision.