April 2014

CEO's Update

Dear all,

The highlight of April was almost certainly the BSR’s Rheumatology 2014 conference in Liverpool, where ARMA ran another energising session on our ongoing MSK clinical networks project, and where many of our member organisations also participated in the sessions and exhibited at stands as part of the “ARMA Village”.

We first presented on our project to support the development of MSK clinical networks in England at last year’s conference, when we had only just begun. This year we picked up the same thread to present and discuss the work done over the past year and to look at next steps, with Prof. Peter Kay providing a very stimulating and engaging overview and analysis of both the external environment and why networks are so central to it, and for MSK in particular. This was followed by a few short presentations and a panel discussion including Debbie Cook, NASS CEO and ARMA Trustee; Dr. Ian Bernstein, MSK physician and GP in Ealing, London; and Dr. Chris Deighton, outgoing President of the BSR (as of that afternoon). Needless to say there was no shortage of issues to discuss, with the importance of genuinely involving patients in decision-making and capturing patient-reported outcomes featuring strongly. There was a clear consensus on the importance of breaking down barriers and working in an integrated manner, picking up once again on Prof. Kay’s emphasis on transformative change, with Prof. Krysia Dziedzic (herself a keynote speaker at the conference)  setting the tone early on by stressing the importance of joined-up working and the “neutral territory” which networks provide, among other things, as well as the role of Academic Health Science Networks. 

We are currently working with the NHS Confederation to get the ball rolling in earnest with a number of “frontrunners” from our existing contacts in CCGs (mainly) which are already well-placed to spearhead the “new generation” of clinical networks in MSK – whilst harnessing and building on the existing presence and resources (human, material, knowledge-based) of our member organisations. We also continue to work with the MSK National Clinical Director to capture evidence of best practice and to build on the work done to date around the 5 key areas that have clearly emerged as cross-cutting priorities: workforce (education and training); integrated, community-based care; Fracture Liaison Services; and, underpinning everything, metrics/outcome measures and patient involvement.  This has been and continues to be very much a joint effort across our whole community, with the active input and involvement of both member organisations and key “external” stakeholders – precisely because we are stronger together, and because it’s the only way we’ll achieve our shared vision for high-quality, person-centred MSK care.

For additional background/context to the project, please visit our website, and here’s the blog I wrote for National Voices in January again.

….At the same time, preparations are continuing apace for the international MSK conference which we are hosting at the Royal College of Surgeons in October, and the ARMA Manifesto for the General Election will soon be ready.

Those ducks are lining up…


Guest Blog - Uniting our voice locally

Guest Blog - Uniting our voice locally

by Sue Browning, Deputy CEO, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

The scale of the challenge presented by how we are going to pay for care in the future is daunting. Adults with long-term and multiple conditions and disabilities are living longer, but according to the recent National Audit Office report1, the older adults social care budget has experienced the greatest reduction over recent years - 12% in real terms. Given that the age group of adults aged 85+, the group most likely to need care, is rising faster than the population as a whole, we know that something has to change. Collectively, we do provide a major part of the solution but we need to get decision makers to think differently. So now must be the time for the musculoskeletal community to unite to press the case locally for services which prevent deterioration and improve physical, mental health and wellbeing, encourage supported self-management and build people’s confidence, independence and life chances.     

Last year, I attended a meeting of social care managers at the Department of Health where all the talk was of supporting people though appropriate care packages.  Important that this is, it brought home the important role of reversing dependence and developing resilience to improve quality of life. It makes sense on so many fronts for this to be a better starting point.  By reframing thinking to focus on supporting individuals to reach or maintain their full potential, so many more people will be able to maintain independently healthy lives, preventing unnecessary and inappropriate long term care.

We recently invited the Minister for Care & Support, Norman Lamb MP, to visit the excellent falls prevention service in Westminster. Seeing people regain their strength and balance, was a really valuable reminder of how important prevention activities are to an individual’s quality of life and the future of health and social care. Above all though, these people left the class feeling more confident in their ability to live life. 

Here at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, we recognise that we are at a pivotal moment in the history of health and social care. We recognise that physiotherapy plays a critical role in restoring mobility and function to enable people to live independently in their own homes, reducing the need for health and social care support.  So we are just embarking on a major Programme focussed on 'Living Longer, Living Well.'  We know that we can't achieve this on our own.

With so many people searching for the solution to the future care bill, we are keen to use this moment to press our case.  Our priority will be to build understanding amongst decision makers of the value of intervening early, both to the individual but also to generate the required savings in social and residential care. Our broad musculoskeletal agenda translates well to this, with the ARMA MSK clinical network potentially having an important role in helping us deliver this in the future.  Just think of the impact we could have locally by uniting our voice.

1 ‘Adult social care in England: overview’ (ref: HC 1102).

Comment and share item online.

Members' News and

Charities have to be flexible

Charities need to be flexible

Charities have to be flexible to meet the needs of all, including medical professionals.

The Hypermobility Syndromes Association (HMSA) has had a very busy productive few months and continues to evolve as the work of its team develops to incorporate the needs of members and service users.  To reflect our changing role and the differing hypermobility syndromes or heritable connective tissue disorders we work with the HMSA has changed its logo and branding. Part of our rebranding has led to the end of the old newsletter and the production of the 54 paged ‘HMSA News and Views Journal’ in full colour with medical and member articles.

Interestingly, the HMSA has noted and evolved over the last few years to include reaching out to more than the sufferers of these complex and multi-systemic conditions. Our work is increasingly with the multi-disciplinary professionals working with them. Evidence suggests that professionals are coming to us for more information and guidance and this may be related to gaining of the Information Standard last year, which has enabled confidence, as well as the hard work of the HMSA team. The HMSA has been involved in delivering masterclasses in hypermobility syndromes for medical and health professionals throughout the UK and statistical feedback indicates it has been well received. In addition, the HMSA has co-run focus groups in and provided additional support to hospital services at their request.  The professionals report relief that there is an organisation such as the HMSA, who has qualified health and medical staff employed and volunteering with in the team, who can assist their patients with the most complex needs.

In particular, our Education Development Coordinator, Jenny Parris (also a school nurse), has been assisting with hospital-based programmes for parents and children in Southend, which has led to additional closer working relationships. Often professionals are limited with what they can do to support these patients and using the HMSA opens a wider network of support. To further underline the need for the Third Sector to be more involved in services the HMSA’s CEO, Donna Wicks, is speaking at the BSR’s (Special Interest Group on Heritable Connective Tissue)  this July on ‘Plugging The Gap’. 

Throughout Ehlers-Danlos Awareness Month the Hypermobility Syndromes Association is running many Family Programmes throughout the UK to assist members and delegates in learning how to manage their often generational, complex and multi-systemic conditions. The HMSA has also been awarded a grant by Genetic Alliance to enable it to run a ‘Masterclass Hypermobility Family Programme’ in Kent in September. 

The biannual ‘Patient Conference and Residential Weekend’ at the Hilton St George in Staffordshire is in July and the take up on the conference of service users/members is now well over 200.   The facility hosts the Football Associations training and rehabilitation services which we are making full use of. The adult programme is under the direction of Dr Alan Hakim, Chief Medical Advisor of the HMSA and ARMA Trustee. The adults will have choices of lectures with key specialists working in the field, workshops, taster sessions and 1-1 clinics. Whilst the younger members are undergoing the HMSA’s adapted pain management programme where they will develop their own personal strategies for coping with pain and fatigue, a plan to increase their activity and set a realistic goal to be achieved by Christmas.  The theme of the weekend is based on education allowing people to self-manage with confidence.  

We have now changed how our network of local support groups’ work throughout the UK to include themed self-management subjects, which are explored and or speakers invited to attend to discuss during the group process. This also feeds into our social media work for that month. This has been incredibly successful and increased group attendance and allowed for increased dissemination of information.

These days no charity can stand still and survive, but too much change without considerable thought can be of equal detriment. Yet the HMSA is confident that our continual evolvement to meet the needs of both patients with the conditions we serve but also the professionals charged with their care  will lead to a better future for all.

For more information on the work of the HMSA or its events please visit the website www.hypermobility.org

HMSA Events

HMSA Events

For a full list of events please visit the Events page on our website or contact events@hypermobility.org

Local Support Groups Meets

26th April 2014, Plymouth, UK plymouth@hypermobility.org
26th April 2014, London, UK   london@hypemrobility.org 
26th April 2014, Rochdale, UK rochdale@hypermobility.org
30th April 2014, Manchester, UK manchester@hypermobility.org


Hypermobility Syndromes Association’s Ehlers-Danlos Awareness Month events.   

A variety of fundraising and awareness events are taking place this month. In addition the HMSA’s Family Programme for members and non-members is being run throughout the UK. This programmes assists the family to learn how to manage what is often a multi-generational, complex and multi-systemic conditions whilst providing validation.

3rd May 2014 HMSA’s Family Programme, Edinburgh, Scotland.  events@hypermobility.org
10th May 2014 HMSA’s Family Programme, Bedford, England.   events@hypermobility.org
10th May 2014, ‘HMSA Support Group for EDS Awareness Month’, Harrogate, England. harrogate@hypermobility.org
17th May 2014, ‘HMSA Support Group for EDS Awareness Month’, Kent, England. kent@hypermobility.org
18th May 2014, ‘HMSA Support Group for EDS Awareness Month’, Aberdeen, Scotland.  aberdeen@hypermobility.org
24th May 2014, HMSA Family Programme, Bury, England. events@hypermobility.org
31st May  2014, ‘HMSA Support Group for EDS Awareness Month’, Plymouth, England. plymouth@hypermobility.org
31st May 2014, ‘HMSA Support Group for EDS Awareness Month’, London, England. london@hypermobility.org


Masterclass Event

6th September 2014, HMSA’s Masterclass in Hypermobility Syndromes, Kent, England.

 An award has been given to the HMSA by Genetic Alliance to run this special Masterclass for family members to attend free of charge. This is a self-management and education programme run by the HMSA’s qualified health, medical and social care professionals.

Vitamin D deficiency and chronic pain - BSR News Release

Vitamin D deficiency and chronic pain

A new study, which will be presented at Rheumatology 2014 this month, has found that vitamin D deficiency is associated with the development of chronic widespread pain.

The research has unveiled the link using data from over 2,300 men in the European Male Ageing Study. It suggests that this may be a result of other adverse health and lifestyle factors such as depression, obesity and physical inactivity.

The research, which was conducted at the University of Manchester, found that those with vitamin D deficiency at the start of the study were more than twice as likely to develop chronic widespread pain as those with the highest levels.
After an average follow up of 4.3 years, one in 15 men who had no symptoms at the start of the study had developed chronic widespread pain. Those who developed the condition were more likely to be depressed, obese, physically inactive and have additional health conditions.
After taking adverse health and lifestyle factors into account the apparent link with vitamin D deficiency disappeared, suggesting that these factors have a significant effect on the development of chronic widespread pain and that there may be a complex interplay between the factors that cause the condition.
Vitamin D deficiency is common in the UK population, with more than half of all adults expected to have an insufficient level of the vitamin. It can cause weakness as well as musculoskeletal pain. Chronic widespread pain, which affects around one in five people, can be caused by rheumatic and neurological disorders.
Lead researcher Paul McCabe said: “Musculoskeletal pain is a recognised symptom of severe vitamin D deficiency states such as osteomalacia. What is less clear is whether vitamin D deficiency has a role in explaining more common chronic pain symptoms including chronic widespread pain. Our research highlights the complex relationship between vitamin D and factors such as obesity and depression in the development of chronic widespread pain. Further research is required to determine whether treatment of vitamin D deficiency may prevent the development of chronic pain.”

Read full item online.

Arthritis patients want more psychological and emotional support

Arthritis patients want more psychological and emotional support

New research has found a high demand for help to cope with the social and emotional implications of inflammatory arthritis among patients. The study, which will be presented at Rheumatology 2014 this month, found that patients need more support to deal with the impact of long term pain and tiredness. Read more online.


Tell BSR your ideas for sessions at Rheumatology 2015

Have an input into Rheumatology 2015 by sharing your ideas for sessions by 16 May 2014.
Proposals should be made online and need to include:

  • The type of session it will be (please note, select ‘main session’ unless you are a special interest group convenor)
  • Its title and/or topic
  • An aim and three outcomes for the session
  • The skill level of the audience
  • Name and contact details for the convenor and speakers
  • Presentation titles
  • Content outline

Please send in your session proposals by 16 May 2014.


Please give up five minutes to help BSR with the next stage of their website development

Thank you to everyone who helped by taking part in the card-sorting exercise for the BSR website. Following this they have designed a quick exercise to check that what they’ve planned for the website will work for you. Please help them by taking part in the online test.

The test involves finding an item in the proposed structure. There are no right or wrong answers – and you can skip any question that you don’t want to do. Five minutes of your time will help BSR make sure the website works well for you.

New Lupus Employment Guides

New Lupus Employment Guides

LUPUS UK have just completed two new booklets, “I want to work – A self help guide for people with lupus” and “When an employee has lupus – An employer’s guide”. These booklets are designed to help make lupus patients and their employers more aware of how their condition may affect them in the workplace and what adjustments might be helpful.

The guides contain up-to-date information about employee and employer rights as well as services and support that are on offer.

The two guides are available now, for free, by contacting LUPUS UK National Office via www.lupusuk.org.uk.

NRAS Abstracts, Awareness, RA-amble and Fatigue

NRAS Abstracts, Awareness,
RA-amble and Fatigue

NRAS have had 3 Abstracts accepted as Poster presentations at the BSR conference this year taking place next week in Liverpool.

To all ARMA members attending the conference, NRAS would like to invite you to view the posters the titles of which are:

  • RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS AND PUBLIC AWARENESS displaying on Tuesday April 29th
  • RA Awareness Week displaying on Thursday 1st May
  • Launch of Online Foot Health Education Programme Thursday 1st May

Also please come by the NRAS stand number 44 to meet many of the NRAS team who will be there.


RA Awareness Week, 16th-22nd June

This is the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society’s second awareness campaign and we need your help to raise the profile of RA as much as possible to help us change the public perception of this often misunderstood condition.  The theme is ‘Invisible Disease’ and this year the week will take place from 16th-22nd June so please do put this date into your diaries.  To request an RA Awareness Week Pack and to find out more, please click here.


NRAS Fatigue Survey

If you have rheumatoid arthritis (RA), it is very likely that you will experience chronic fatigue at some stage.  Chronic fatigue is not like tiredness. It can last for days and no amount of sleep will relieve it. It can come on without warning and prevent people from doing planned activities and everyday tasks.  One of the problems with fatigue is that it is an invisible symptom.

To coincide with the launch of our second national RA Awareness Week in June, the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society will be publishing some new research to better articulate the range of impacts that chronic fatigue has on peoples' lives with recommendations for government action.

The information gathered from this online survey will also help to inform a separate booklet on fatigue to help people better understand and cope with this invisible symptom.

Please help by completing the survey using the link below. The more we know about your experience, the more we can do to support people with rheumatoid arthritis.


Thank you in advance for completing this survey.


NRAS Annual Conference 2014

We are delighted to announce our 2014 Annual Conference (previously known as Members’ Day) will be held at Gomersal Park Hotel, West Yorkshire on Friday 19 September. The venue is in its own parkland setting, easily accessible from the M62 and just a short drive from both Leeds and Bradford. As with previous years it will be free for NRAS Members to attend, with a small charge of £5 for non-members, family and friends who wish to come along.

We have already confirmed our key speaker; Dr Maya Buch is a National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Clinician Scientist, Senior Lecturer at Leeds University and Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist at Chapel Allerton Hospital. We have recently been encouraging Members to get involved in the SWITCH research study, which she is leading, comparing three different treatment options that are available to patients who are not responding to their first anti-TNF treatment.

Spaces are limited so do register soon if you would like to attend. Further information, including a full timetable and directions, will be sent out nearer the time but if you would like to register your attendance for the event now, please email membership@nras.org.uk with your full name, postcode and whether you would like to bring a guest(s).  We look forward to seeing you all in September.


Great North Run Challenge

Chris Deighton, President of the British Society of Rheumatology (BSR) is once again taking on the challenge of the Great North Run in aid of NRAS.  This year he will be dressing up as a pub landlord and pushing NRAS member Helly Berger (dressed as a barmaid) in her wheelchair, along with a team of pushers.  Last year the team completed the race is just over 3 hours having endured torrential rain and heavy winds, fingers crossed the weather will be kinder this year!  If you would like to support Chris or Helly please visit their Justgiving pages at www.justgiving.com/Chris-Deighton6 and www.justgiving.com/teamnras

If you would like to join our team on the day in Newcastle (7th September) now is the time to sign up, during April we have halved our registration fee to £25 and we will supply you with an NRAS canvas bag which you can use as your kit bag.
Contact val@nras.org.uk or call 01628 501547.


New Website

NRAS is pleased to launch a new website which we have been developing for the past year. The new site aims to improve user experience with a more simple navigation structure, improved search facility and more interactive resources.

Take a look for yourself at www.nras.org.uk!


The RAmble

As the countdown to RA Awareness Week 2014 has now begun we would like you to put your best foot forward and take part in ‘The RAmble’.  We need your help to raise the profile of RA as much as you can to change the public perception of this condition – the ‘invisible disease’.  We would like you to join us on Saturday 21st June in the beautiful grounds of Spetchley Park Gardens in Worcester (WR5 1RS) to take part in a 1 mile, 5 mile or wheelchair friendly walk (dogs are welcome on the 1 and 5 mile routes if they are well behaved and must be kept on leads at all times). 

Registration is from 10am and all three routes will start at 11.00 am.  Entry to all three walks is £10, you will receive a goody bag which includes an NRAS t-shirt (children under 13 are free).  We do hope you can join us for what promises to be a great day.  For more information or an entry form please email val@nras.org.uk or call 01628 501547.

British Osteopathic Association to become the Institute of Osteopathy

British Osteopathic Association to become the Institute of Osteopathy

From June 2014 the British Osteopathic Association (BOA) will become the Institute of Osteopathy (iO). The new name is part of a rebrand that will also include a new website and corporate identity.

The decision to change the name is driven by the implementation of a new five year strategic plan that aims to widen the iO’s remit and achieve a royal charter for the profession of osteopathy by 2018.

Commenting on the changes Maurice Cheng, chief executive said,

‘Changing our name signifies a change of direction. We have always acted as osteopathy’s champion, defending members and representing their interests and we will continue to do this, however we now want to inspire collaboration within the profession. We believe that we are uniquely placed to bring together practitioners, educators, researchers and the regulator in a common goal to help osteopaths and osteopathy develop and grow.

‘Becoming an institute reflects the collective knowledge that our members hold and share and our commitment to furthering osteopaths’ skills.’

Contact details for the iO remain unchanged and the website address will continue to be www.osteopathy.org. Twitter will be @InstOsteopathy and the Facebook address will be https://www.facebook.com/instituteofosteopathy

Fibromyalgia International Awareness Day - 12th May 2014

Fibromyalgia International Awareness Day - 12th May 2014

As part of our awareness campaign, FMA UK has arranged a parliamentary presentation of their survey of people with fibromyalgia. It takes place on the 12th May in The House of Commons committee room 19 from 18:00.

If you would like to attend please email pam.stewart@fmauk with your name(s) and the group you are representing, by 7th May.

Scleroderma Society

World Scleroderma Day Events

The Scleroderma Society is holding a range of events to celebrate world Scleroderma Day 2014.

Be Bright, Be Blue – 27th to 29th June

Get involved this year and show your support for individuals diagnosed with scleroderma by joining our “Be Bright, Be Blue” campaign. Hold a fundraiser or just wear blue to show your support.

To find out more visit our Be Bright Be Blue page.


Educational Event – 3rd July

We will be hosting an educational event at the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases, Bath in partnership with the Raynaud’s and Scleroderma Association.

The day will be patient-focused in the morning 09:00 – 13:30 and clinician/AHP-focused in the afternoon 14:00 – 17:00. The afternoon event is CME/CPD accredited and will be lead by Dr John Pauling.

To find out more and reserve your place visit the WSD Celebration page on our website.


Annual Conference – 19th July

This year the conference will be held at the Royal Free, London, from 12:00-17:00. We would be delighted for any members, patients, carers, health professionals or individuals with an interest in Scleroderma to attend.

The theme of the day will be ‘therapies’ and we are pleased to announce that Consultant Rheumatologist Professor Chris Denton, Specialist Registrar for Rheumatology Doctor John Pauling, Professor of Clinical Rheumatology Jaap Van Lar and Clinical Nurse Specialist Colin Beevor, will be joining us.

In addition to the sessions, we have confirmed an excellent variety of peripheral activities for the day. This includes Changing Faces’ skin camouflage team and the Royal Frees Therapies Team for complementary sessions on skin care.

To find out more and reserve your place visit the AGM Conference page.

Vasculitis UK announce new Medical Advisor

Vasculitis UK announces new Medical Advisor

Vasculitis UK is sorry to announce that Professor Lorraine Harper, Professor of Nephrology at Birmingham University Hospital, stood down as a Medical Advisor to the charity in March. Professor Harper had been the V-UK medical advisor for over 12 years.

Dr David Jayne, Consultant Nephrologist at the Vasculitis & Lupus Clinic, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge has kindly agreed to become a Medical Advisor to V-UK and joins Dr Richard Watts, ensuring that the charity continues to have an eminent nephrologist and rheumatologist offering expert medical advice.

National Osteoporosis Society site

NOS Key Dates for 2014

30th June – 2nd December, National Osteoporosis Society Conference 2014
We are pleased to announce that the next Osteoporosis Conference will be held from Sunday 30th November to Tuesday 2nd December, 2014 at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham.  For more information and to keep up-to-date on the latest developments regarding the conference visit: www.nos.org.uk/conference

8th May, Falls and Fractures Alliance Executive Board (FFAEB) Meeting
The Falls and Fractures Alliance brings together organisations to focus on preventing falls and fractures.  The Alliance is steered by an Executive Board which will next meet on Thursday 8th May 2014.  For more information about the Alliance visit: www.nos.org.uk/ffalliance

11th June, All Party Parliamentary Osteoporosis Group (APPOG) AGM and Drop-in Session

On the 11th June the All Party Parliamentary Osteoporosis Group will hold its AGM and a drop in session on the provision of Fracture Liaison Services across the UK.  More information on APPOG can be found at: www.nos.org.uk/appog



4th June, FREE Osteoporosis Study Session for health professionals – North Yorkshire
The National Osteoporosis Society Hambleton and Richmondshire Support Group are hosting a FREE study session for healthcare professionals at the Allerton Court Hotel, Northallerton.
Registration for the event closes on Friday 16th May, more information is available at: www.nos.org.uk/studydays

10th June, FREE Osteoporosis Study Session for GPs and health professionals – Brighton
Brighton and Sussex University NHS Trust and the National Osteoporosis Society are providing a FREE study day at the Audrey Emerton PG Study Centre, Brighton.
Registration closes on Friday 23rd May, for more information visit: www.nos.org.uk/studydays

20th October, FREE Osteoporosis and Fragility Fractures Study Day – East Sussex
On World Osteoporosis Day, the National Osteoporosis Society Hastings Area Support Group will be hosting a free study day for GPs and health professionals at the Sussex Exchange, St Leonards on Sea.
Registration closes on Friday 26th September and more information can be found at: www.nos.org.uk/studydays

BAcC April Items – Conferences and Meetings

BAcC April Items – Conferences and Meetings

The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) was re-accredited by the Professional Standards Authority AVR scheme in March.

BAcC supports the All Party Parliamentary Group on Integrated Health Care. There is an APPG meeting with the CEO of the Health Care Professions Council on 6th May.

The annual British Conference on Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is on 26-8th September – see http://conference.acupuncture.org.uk/ to book.

The BAcC CEO is a member of the World Spine Day International organising committee - plans are shaping up for the day on 8th October.

Arthritis Watch  - Arthritis Care

The launch of Arthritis Watch England has been published around relevant organisations. Arthritis Watch will gather evidence from people across England of arthritis services in their localities. This will be collated to build up a national picture of the state of arthritis services, including shortfalls in provision. The survey is a live document, will remain available throughout the year and individual responses can be added to, allowing people to respond when they spot changes in services.

If organisations are able to publicise and to put a link to the survey on their websites we would be most grateful: http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/Campaigns/get-involved-in-local-healthcare/arthritis-watch-england


Arthritis Care Awareness Week 2014

Mon 19th May - Sun 25th May 2014

United Kingdom

Arthritis Care Awareness Week is a UK based event which raises awareness about arthritis, gathers support for people with this condition, and highlights the work of Arthritis Care


Pressing the Scottish Public Health Needs Assessment | ARMA Scotland

ARMA Scotland and the SPH
Needs Assessment

At its April meeting in Edinburgh, ARMA Scotland agreed that the group needed to be clearer about what it was for, and to better identify its shared objectives, priorities, and forward plans. It was agreed to continue that discussion at the next meeting, and to seek comments.

The next meeting is now set for Wednesday June 11, and any comments at this point should be sent to the ARMA Scotland Chair, Steve McBride of Arthritis Care, at stevemcb@arthritiscare.org.uk.

At the same meeting ARMA Scotland agreed to press for progress in the implementation of the Scottish Public Health Needs Assessment for people with rheumatoid arthritis, and to seek clarification about the current status and progress of the MSK Programme Board.


EULAR campaigns MEPs to support RMD issues

EULAR campaigns MEPs
to support RMD issues

On 22-25 May 2014 there is an election of the European Parliament.

EULAR is asking you to get involved with their online campaigning tool, which will generate support for European Parliamentary initiatives to fight against rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs).

The tool calculates the candidate MEPs in your constituency.  These candidates will be emailed messages on your behalf, drawing their attention to a cause which is often neglected but will play an increasingly important role during the next Parliament’s term, namely more than 120 million EU citizens, and 10 million people in the UK, who are affected by a rheumatic or musculoskeletal disease (RMDs) in one form or another.

You can join the campaign by sending a message to your candidate MEPs in your constituency, which will only take you few minutes.

To access EULAR’s online tool and read more about how it works, click here to visit ARMA’s International page.

Spotlight On...

The Hardest Hit

The Hardest Hit

This is a campaign for our members to be aware of and possibly involved in if they’re not already.

The Hardest Hit campaign, organised jointly by the Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) and the UK Disabled People’s Council, brings together individuals and organisations to send a clear message to the Government: stop these cuts now. Disabled people, those with long-term conditions and their families are being hit hard by cuts to the benefits and services they need to live their lives.

ARMA Calendar

Policy Leads and Gold Partner Stakeholders meeting                                             07 May 2014
Falls and Fractures Alliance Executive Board (FFAEB) Meeting                           08 May 2014
World Lupus HMSA’s Family Programme, Bedford, England.                               10 May 2014
HMSA Support Group, Harrogate, England.                                                              10 May 2014
Parliamentary Fibromyalgia survey presentation
                               at The House of Commons                                                              12 May 2014
NRAS Roadshow, Leamington Spa                                                                              14 May 2014
EDS UK Patient Awareness Day                                                                                   16 May 2014
HMSA Support Group, Kent, England.                                                                      17 May 2014
HMSA Support Group, Aberdeen, Scotland.                                                            18 May 2014
Arthritis Care Awareness Week 2014                                                                         19-25 May 2014
HMSA Family Programme, Bury, England.                                                              24 May 2014
HMSA Support Group, Plymouth, England.                                                             31 May 2014
HMSA Support Group, London, England.                                                                31 May 2014
FREE Osteoporosis Study Session, North Yorkshire                                             04 June 2014
FREE Osteoporosis Study Session, Brighton                                                          10 June 2014
All Party Parliamentary Osteoporosis Group
                 (APPOG) AGM and Drop-in Session                                                        11 June 2014
EULAR European Congress of Rheumatology, Paris                                            11-14 June 2014
Policy Leads Meeting, Arthritis Care                                                                        17 June 2014
2014 Love Your Bones conference, The Mountbatten Centre                             25 June 2014
NRAS Roadshow, York                                                                                                25 June 2014
Commissioning Show, Excel London                                                                       25-26 June 2014
World Scleroderma Day, Be Bright, Be Blue                                                          27-29 June 2014
World Scleroderma Day Educational Event                                                           03 July 2014
CEO Meeting, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy                                               08 July 2014
Sports and Exercise Medicine, the Lower Limb, LCOM, London                      12-14 July 2014
ARMA Board Meeting                                                                                                 18 July 2014
EULAR Vision 2043 competition closes                                                                 18 July 2014
Scleroderma Society Annual Conference                                                                19 July 2014
Policy Leads Meeting at the BOA                                                                             22 July 2014
HMSA’s Masterclass in Hypermobility Syndromes, Kent, England.               06 September 2014
Policy Leads and Stakeholders meeting                                                                 09 September 2014
RCN SOTN Conference                                                                                              11 September 2014
BOA Autumn Meeting                                                                                                12-13 Sept 2014
Shen, British Conference of Acupunctire and Oriental Medicine 2014           26-28 Sept 2014
BIMM Foundation Course, London                                                                        27-29 Sept 2014
CEO Meeting, British Orthopaedic Association                                                   07 October 2014
2014 World Network Conference                                                                            12 October 2014
World Arthritis day                                                                                                    12 October 2014
World Network Conference                                                                                      12-13 Oct 2014
World Summit 2014 - BJD & ARMA                                                                      13 October 2014
World Spine day                                                                                                         16 October 2014
ARMA Board Meeting                                                                                               17 October 2014
FREE Osteoporosis and Fragility Fractures Study Day, East Sussex              20 October 2014
BSR Autumn Conference                                                                                          27-28 Nov 2014
National Osteoporosis Society Conference 2014                                                 30 Nov – 2nd Dec 2014

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