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6th European Patients’ Rights Day

by Vicky Skingley
  6th European Patients’ Rights Day: “Active Ageing citizens at the center of EU health policy”

15-16 of May 2012, in the EESC, Brussels (Van Maerlant Building, Room VM3 –  2nd floor 2, rue Van Maerlant).

The objective of the conference is thus to demonstrate that part of the solution resides in a change of perspective vis-à-vis ageing citizens, from weak patients into “empowered users” of health care services, able to contribute to a better implementation of their rights.

It will be the occasion to bring together a wide range of stakeholders throughout Europe to reflect on what is currently being done regarding ageing patients’ rights and to discuss how the involvement of ageing patients/users in citizens’ organizations dealing with health, can contribute to the well-being of the whole community, as well as to a better management of the crisis faced by health-care services in all EU countries.

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