NASS Director Appointments

by Vicky Skingley



Two new appointments for NASS Director Debbie Cook

ASIF: The NASS Director, Debbie Cook, is delighted to have been elected to the Ankylosing Spondylitis International Federation’s (ASIF) Executive Committee soon after her appointment with NASS. ASIF consists of patient groups from around 25 countries who share the same objectives to exchange information and experiences of AS, cooperate in international research projects, support patients and countries where groups do not currently exists and work together to raise awareness of AS and the needs of people with AS.

Debbie is currently working on a project for ASIF aimed at improving hotel experiences for people with AS and looks forward to launching the project later this year.

RNHRD Council of Governors: Debbie was also nominated and elected as a Governor on the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Disease’s (RNHRD) Council of Governors to represent the interests of people with AS, particularly in relation to the strategic direction of the trust.

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